Friday, 28 November 2008

Adanta Dance Theatre

October was black history month. I was asked to photograph the end of month "Celebration" at Brent Town Hall. I thought I would be photographing a static exhibition but was treated to a succession of enlightening and talented Speakers, Singers, Poets and Politicians. Last on the bill were these guys, "The Adanta Dance Theatre".
What followed was a breathtaking 30 minutes of sound and movement that left me open mouthed with amazement. I am not exaggerating when I say that after 50 odd years of Rock Festivals and Concerts, Musical Theatre and Film, I have never witnessed anything as energising and 'mind blowing' as this. If you get the opportunity to see them do not miss it. If you want to know more about them follow the link on the left.

I rarely resent my impairment but as I drove away that evening with the rhythm of he drums still running through my head, I was sad that I am unable to join in with the sort of social dancing that was scheduled to follow Adanta.

They had stimulated and excited a part of my thinking that I necessarily shut down many years ago.

I hope these pictures convey the spectacle and the excitement of Adanta's "act". I repeat, if you get the chance to see them do not miss it.

Brian Nov 2008


Sunday, 23 November 2008

The Icon: the life giving water of the Romanian Orthodoxy.

The Icon: the life-giving water of the Romanian Orthodoxy: An exhibition of Christian Orthodox Icons by Romanian artist Aurelia Chiriac Carabinieru: A Romanca Society event with support from the Romanian Embassy and the Romanian Cultural Institute. 11-20 November 2008 .

Icoana, apa vie a ortodoxiei romanesti: Expozitie de icoane crestin ortodoxe realizate de artista Aurelia Chiriac Carabinieru: Un project al Societatii Romanca, cu sprijinul Ambasadei Romaniei si Institului Cultural Roman din Londra. November 2008

I was privileged when my colleague Ionela Flood asked me to make a photographic record of this exhibition and I was initially surprised to discover that Christianity had been practised in Romania throughout the time the Country was governed by a Communist Government.

I found these icons to be both breathtaking and inspirational. The ornately carved, panelled room at the embassy was a perfect setting. Wherever it was possible to do so I have utilised natural light to show the icons as the artist intended. Where some alteration to the lighting was required I hope I have done this in a manner the Artist, Mrs Carabinieru, will approve of. Brian: 21/11/2008.

Aurelia Chiriac Carabinieru graduated from the University of Psychology and Social Assistance; Lasi; with a degree in aesthetics. Together with the Foster Care Centre Bucium in Lasi she founded an Iconography Centre for creatively skilled children. Their work was awarded first place in the international Tel Aviv exhibition: “Life Always Prevails”
Currently her icons are exhibited at Monasteries and Churches in both Rumania and England.

Aurelia Chiriac Carabinieru a absolvit Universitatea de Psihologie si Asistenta Sociala din lasi cu o teza de estetica. Impreuna cu Centrul de plasament Bucium din lasi a infiinat Centrul de iconografie pentru copii cu abilitati creative. Lucrarile ancestora au primit premiul l la expozitia internationala: “Life Always Prevails” din Tel Aviv.
In prezent, icoanele artistei sunt expuse in manastiri si biserici din Romania si Anglia

The Icons

The Child Christ

Madonna and Child

Archangels Michael and Gabriel

St. Andrew

St. Parascheva

Archangel Gabriel visits Mary

The Trinity

Flowers acknowledge the help given by Simone Nostoc, Project Manager of the Romanian Cultural Institute

The organiser and her son, Alexandru Gaina, with the artist and her husband Constantin Carabinieru, soak up the atmosphere on the final day.

If you have enjoyed these glimpses of Romanian culture you will find more examples on Ionela's "Romanca Society" site. There is a link at the side of this page named "Anglo Romanian Culture".

Brian. 25 November 2005.